Terms of Services

Superior Installations Terms and Conditions

  • Saturdays, Sundays and designated holidays are excluded from the following guaranteed installation orders. Orders requested on these days will be completed on the next business day, whenever reasonably possible. Superior Installations, LLC (SI) considers the health and safety of its installers as the primary concern in any installation or removal. Inclement weather, unforeseen circumstances, or any other circumstances which threatens the health or safety of its installers will be rescheduled at SI’s sole discretion. Subject to this paragraph:


  • Next Day Guarantee: Requests made before 3:00 pm on a business day will be completed by midnight on the following business day;
  • Second Day Guarantee: Requests made before 3:00 pm on a business day will be completed by midnight of the second business day following the request.
  • Economy Install/Removal: Requests made before 3:00 pm on a business day will be made, whenever possible, within THREE business days. While timing is not guaranteed with Economy Install/Removal, SI still maintains and will apply the same level of commitment, service, and quality as any other request.
  • All orders are only valid if placed through the website (www.superinstalls.com), under an individual’s or company’s account. Orders will not be validated if requested through any other type of communication, ie; emails, phone calls, etc.
  • All posts and associated hardware remain the sole property of and under the sole dominion and control of Superior Installations, LLC at all times. Agents are NOT to repair, remove, alter, or otherwise modify posts and/or associated hardware at any time. If any problems arise, please contact us through this website and request a repair.
  • SI offices are closed on all Major Holidays/Weekends including but not limited to the following: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Veterans Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day through the following Sunday, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. SI further reserves the right to close on either or both of the Friday and/or Monday of designated “three-day weekends” observed from time to time for designated holidays.
  • SI retains the right to remove and charge the agent for any and all expense due to vandalism more than two times at the same location.
  • SI installers have no responsibility to interact with any seller.
  • SI will repair any residential install found to be leaning for the first such repair at no charge. Subsequent repairs will be subject to additional charges.
  • Repairs due to installs on unlandscaped and/or new construction ground will be charged on ALL repairs
  • If ground conditions affect the installation or removal of a signpost, SI will flag the site for future removal/install once the ground conditions permit.
  • SI is responsible for panels, riders, info boxes, lockboxes, arrows etc. ONLY while those items are in storage or in transit and under SI control.
  • All signpost, and associated hardware is the property of SI and shall not be removed by anyone other than SI installers
  • Agents shall educate and inform sellers and buyers regarding sign dimensions, placement, timing of install/removals and repair. It is the requesting agent’s responsibility to ensure that all parties are aware of these terms and conditions.
  • SI will change any sign placement where SI management determines the installer’s choice was unreasonable or indefensible at no charge.
  • Unless a flag is placed or given specific instructions, the sign placement is at the installer’s discretion. SI Installers will place signs only where permitted by state or local law or ordinance. SI will place signs, its discretion, where tampering least likely and provides the greatest visibility for the best sales advantage.
  • After initial installation, requests to move to another location on the same property, will be subject to a separate installation fee.
  • Two signs installed on the same property are considered two separate installations.
  • Requests made and to be held for a future date will be billed second-day rate.
  • If a removal request is made after the closing or listing expiration date, and SI is unable to retrieve their post and hardware, or the post or hardware is damaged, a replacement cost of $75.00 will be charged.
  • Installation, removal, repair, or service requests shall be made shall be made via the SI Website – www.superinstalls.com only. We are not responsible for any request made other than through the website (voice mail, etc.).
  • Any additional items added to the sign/post shall be clearly identified with a name so it may be returned or held in storage. SI has no responsibility whatsoever for items added to a post/sign which is not so identified.
  • Any post/sign that is up for more than 12 months will accrue additional charges in the same amount as the current install rate.
  • SI will, at no charge, make ONE trip to your home/office per month to pick up or return panels, riders, arrows, info boxes, etc. Any additional trip shall be subject to an additional trip fee.

Payment/Late policy

  • All orders shall be paid in full within 30 days. Any balance not paid within 30 days shall be subject to a $25 or 10% late fee (whichever is greater) each successive month to all outstanding balances. Any account 45 days or more overdue shall be suspended from requesting any further installation until that account is paid in full. Any account 60 or more days overdue shall be subject to removal of all signs currently installed without notice.                                     ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­
  • The above Payment/Late policy shall be STRICTLY ENFORCED!

Other Information:

  • The installation fee includes one free Economy Removal trip. Except for maintenance/repair, additional trips are subject to additional fees.
  • Once installed, panels must remain with their posts until SI installers remove both. A post without a panel is considered an “Attractive Nuisance,” poses a danger to children, and is an unnecessary insurance risk for all parties involved. Any fines incurred will be passed on and billed to the Listing Agent.