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Installing and Repairing Yard Signs for Real Estate Agents


Yard Signs That Make the Right First Impression

Maintaining the right image is important when you are trying to sell residential properties. Other than the house itself, a potential client will also notice the real estate agent’s signage. A leaning or broken sign will give the buyers a wrong impression about the property and the agent trying to sell it. Here at Superior Installations II, we can help you avoid that through our yard sign installation and removal services.

Why Choose Us

Our owner believes that it is important to have great customer service. That is why if you call our office in West Allis, Wisconsin, you will reach our owner and not an answering machine or a secretary.

Our Guarantee

We won’t let your buyers think “if they don’t care about the way the sign looks like on the outside, there must be something wrong with the house”. If our posts fall or lean, we will fix it for no charge the first time.

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